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Chia Asset Tokens (CATs)

CATs are tokens created on the Chia blockchain that follow the CAT1 standard. This is similar to the ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum network.

To access a particular CAT, you can import the asset ID into a compatible wallet. Currently the only compatible wallet is the Official Chia Light Wallet


CAT Airdrop Tool
A simple bash script uses RPC Calls to split and send out CATs
CAT Auto Send Script
A bash script to send CATs one at a time with fail checks.
Chia CAT Explorer
An explorer for Chia Asset Tokens.


Chia CAT Explorer
An explorer for Chia Asset Tokens.
TAIL Database ChiaLinks Recommended
A listing of Chia Asset Tokens with links to their TAIL for auditing.


Stably USD (USDS)
Chia's first stablecoin backed 1-to-1 with US Dollars. Issued by Stably.
Asset ID: 6d95dae356e32a71db5ddcb42224754a02524c615c5fc35f568c2af04774e589

Platform tokens

Catkchi (CTK)
A token for future ecosystem of decentralized applications.
Asset ID: f648e8a00b4282ba0642bd413ea50bc216d7ba0110dde58c4b2ab0c9d1e778a5

Meme tokens

CryptoShibe Gold (CSH)
CryptoShibe is an early entrant into the Chia ecosystem of asset tokens. Crypto Shibe Gold is the foundational token with a circulating supply of one billion tokens.
Asset ID: a2cadb541cb01c67c3bcddc73ecf33c8ffa37b0d013688904b2747cede020477
CryptoShibe Platinum (CSHP)
CryptoShibe is an early entrant into the Chia ecosystem of asset tokens. Crypto Shibe Platinum has a smaller supply than CryptoShibe Gold.
Asset ID: a2cadb541cb01c67c3bcddc73ecf33c8ffa37b0d013688904b2747cede020477
Marmot Coin (MRMT) ChiaLinks Recommended
A token distributed based on "Proof of Marmot", which involves donating to Marmot Recovery Fund or donating a Marmot toy to a children's charity.
Asset ID: 8ebf855de6eb146db5602f0456d2f0cbe750d57f821b6f91a8592ee9f1d4cf31
Space Marmots Premium (SM1)
Upcoming NFT drop.
Asset ID: f5f0770713ebdd6e132410b3406f85c7cd49d690080a3277e00c24d7a91a5af0
Spacebucks (SBX) ChiaLinks Recommended
Chia's first meme token, worth nothing but also worth checking out.
Asset ID: 78ad32a8c9ea70f27d73e9306fc467bab2a6b15b30289791e37ab6e8612212b1
The 300 (SPTN)
The 300 is a community token with holders of 1 SPTN able to claim regular drops via the discord server. Only 300 tokens will ever exist, with token holders able to exchange for 1 of 300 limited NFTs.
Asset ID: e95f21b33f465fd4da1eebc49e44591be7ded79788e4ef0473b943ffc550f66f
The Chia Plot Master Token (TCPM)
A token created by The Chia Plot to represent ownership of the popular Chia news website.
Asset ID: ead63a603a0d72dcd5e1bfb1ca4fd485fe063d7f590ff31757b14e1af79a7ceb

Other tokens

Chia Holiday 2021 (CH21) ChiaLinks Recommended
From the Chia Network, two CH21 tokens were sent to farmers that won a block on or before December 25, 2021. These tokens are redeemable for a discount on the official merch store and/or a 2021 Holiday Art NFT.
Asset ID: 509deafe3cd8bbfbb9ccce1d930e3d7b57b40c964fa33379b18d628175eb7a8f
Golden Chia (GCH)
Asset ID: aa53978aaac154e32380aaf6322cd316696442248f1d15051007bc48b011694b