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NFTs on Chia

The NFT1 standard was released in June 2022 and offers many advantages over NFTs on other blockchains for both creators and owners, including perpetual on-chain royalties, offer files support, updatable URIs, usage licenses, and more.


dexie ChiaLinks Recommended
A peer-to-peer decentralized exchange for Chia offer files.
Farmers Market by ChiaLinks Recommended
Search through select NFT collections by traits and rarity to discover the perfect one to own.
Mint Garden
An NFT marketplace to mint and trade NFTs stored on the Chia blockchain.
NFT marketplace and app for minting, trading, and using art, music, virtual assets, tickets, and more
NFT marketplace for Chia and Chives (Chia fork) NFTs.



Chia Airdrops
Discover CAT and NFT project giveaways/airdrops.
Chia NFT Minting Helper
A bash script to help make the process of minting a series of NFTs on the Chia Blockchain easier.
Automating minting and creating .offer files
exif2metadata proof of concept
exif2metadata-proofofconcept will extract EXIF information from a photograph and build a metadata file for an NFT.
MintGarden Studio
Create NFTs on the Chia blockchain using a simple GUI.
Minting tool from NFTr
Utilities for minting collections of NFTs on Chia Blockchain
Offerpool Polls
Create a poll where only owners of an NFT in a collection can vote, or where each DID can only vote once. Votes are published on nostr, and you can use Wallet Connect or the Chia CLI to vote.
roybot NFT Minter
Chia NFT minting script using RPC and data from a CSV file
Scrutinous' Guide to Minting NFTs on Chia
A step by step guide on how to mint NFTs on the Chia Blockchain. A more in-depth supplement to the official minting guide.
TCG Wallet Inspector
Scan your wallets to create a list of NFTs with their ChiaTCG attributes.
XCHCentral Mint-An-NFT
Mint-an-NFT is a free tool provided by @XCHcentral to the Chia community to help mint NFTs.
xd nft wizard
xd nft wizard is a interactive Bash script to help with Chia NFTs for creators and collectors alike


Name services

Chia Name Service
Chia Name Service is from the Pawket team and looks to provide a decentralized, censorship-resistant, open-source .xch name service.
go4me provides a personal page and XCH address linkage attached to your twitter account.
Namesdao is a .xch name service for Chia and they also have their own wallet with their .xch name integration.


Chia Friends ChiaLinks Recommended
Official NFT profile picture (PFP) project from the Chia Network. 10,000 given away in a raffle.
ChiaTCG ChiaLinks Recommended
The Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG) is an open-source, proof-of-concept Web3 game. Play with any Chia NFT!


Abandoned Land
Abandoned land is an experimental collectible card game on the Chia blockchain that combines NFTs with Chia Asset Tokens. Think of it as a mix between an idle game and a resource trading game. The owner of the cards will be paid out daily the amount listed on the card. Different tokens will be used to trade for more assets, card, or to upgrade your current card.
Discord game NFTs on Chia
ChiaTCG ChiaLinks Recommended
The Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG) is an open-source, proof-of-concept Web3 game. Play with any Chia NFT!
Explore the Forest and complete quests with their dynamic task system. Gain $FAME and spend it in the shop to buy items and NFTs on Chia.
Farmers of Chialisp
A Discord game where Farmers cultivate $BLOCK to grow their community and face threat from Mugglers, who steal $BLOCK. Farmers offer tributes to Mugglers for safety. Leaving their farm or betrayal among Farmers gives Mugglers a chance to strike.