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NFT Marketplaces and Projects

The NFT1 standard was released in June 2022 and offers many advantages over NFTs on other blockchains for both creators and owners, including perpetual on-chain royalties, offer files support, updatable URIs, usage licenses, and more.

Chia Friends ChiaLinks Recommended
Official NFT profile picture (PFP) project from the Chia Network. 10,000 given away in a raffle.
Chia Friends NFT Rarity List ChiaLinks Recommended
Unofficial rarity list for the Chia Friends NFT project.
Farmers Market by ChiaLinks Recommended
Search select NFT collections by traits and rarity to discover the perfect one to own.
Marvelous Marmots
An upcoming PFP NFT from the Marvelous Marmot Kingdom.
Mint Garden
An NFT marketplace to mint and trade NFTs stored on the Chia blockchain.
NFT marketplace and app for minting, trading, and using art, music, virtual assets, tickets, and more
Scrutinous' Guide to Minting NFTs on Chia
A step by step guide on how to mint NFTs on the Chia Blockchain. A more in-depth supplement to the official minting guide.
NFT marketplace for Chia and Chives (Chia fork) NFTs.
Space Marmots
Limited run space marmots NFT to be embedded on the Chia blockchain.