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Links, articles, and videos discussing the energy efficiency of the Chia network.

Chia Power
A detailed and technical estimate of total energy consumption in the Chia network.
Climate Warehouse explainer
A graphical explanation of how Chia blockchain is used as the underlying technology behind the World Bank's Climate Warehouse as part of the third and final simulation phase.
Climate Warehouse overview
A talk explaining the purpose of the Climate Warehouse, it's progress, and current participants.
Competitive Chia Farming - Deep dive into HDD power and TCO ChiaLinks Recommended
The most comprehensive analysis of Chia farming power usage and total cost of ownership (TCO). A must watch for serious farmers looking to understand and increase the energy efficiency of their farm. (Chia Decentral)
Does Chia Kill Drives?
Answering the question of whether Chia plotting kills drives
Farming and Electricity Usage in Chia
Learn about the most efficient way to farm large quantities of plotted storage and talk about the impact Chia might have in terms of total electrical capacity used to support all Chia farms. (Chia Network)
Power Consumption of Single Drives vs RAID Array in Chia Farming
Does farming Chia on a RAID0 array consume more power than farming on individual drives? Logic suggests it does, but exactly how much more and what's the power cost? Let's find out. (Home SysAdmin)