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Places to engage in discussion with the Chia team and community.

Chia Blockchain
Community based news site focusing on Chia and other relevant technologies to help grow the network.
Chia France
A French Chia community.
Chia Italia
An Italian Chia portal.
Chia Network News
A community Twitter account talking about verything %23CHIA and %24XCH
Chia Network News
A community Twitter account talking about everything Chia and XCH
Chia Start Page
A starting point for the Chia community. Provides a collection of useful links and resources related to Chia. (German)
A German news, community, and tutorial site.
Discourse forum for discussing Chia in a more traditional message board format.
Chiarex Turkey Telegram Group
Turkish Chia community Telegram group from Chiarex
ChiaXCH (Chinese)
A Chinese news site and forum for Chia
Official Keybase group for chat and support ChiaLinks Recommended
The official destination to engage with the Chia team and community. Please ask questions in #beginner or #support.
Polish Chia Discord Group
A Polish Discord channel for the chiapolska Facebook group.
The official Chia subreddit
A subreddit dedicated to Chia memes
Russian Chia Discord Group
A Discord channel for the Russian community.
Space Pool Discord Server ChiaLinks Recommended
Discord server for the Space Pool farming pool and the largest Discord server for discussing Chia.
The Chia Plot ChiaLinks Recommended
The unofficial source of news and information on Chia.
Unofficial Chia Telegram group
Community created Telegram group to discuss XCH trading and farming.
Uzbekistan Chia Telegram Group
Uzbekistan Chia community Telegram group