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ChiaLinks is not affiliated with and cannot endorse any of the exchanges listed here.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Offers are a unique functionality on the Chia Blockchain. Decentralized exchanges leverage these Offers files to facilitate trading XCH and other Chia assets without an intermediary, counterparty risk, or exchange fees. This is the recommended way to trade.
Exchange Description Trading Pair
dexie ChiaLinks Recommended A peer-to-peer decentralized exchange for Chia offer files. XCH/USDS
OfferPool A open-source decentralized peer-to-peer offers database with a web front end. XCH/USDS
OfferBin An open marketplace for Chia Offers. XCH/USDS
Hashgreen ChiaLinks Recommended The first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Chia supporting Chia Offers for trading XCH and CATs. XCH/USDS

Traditional Exchanges

Traditional centralized exchanges (CEXs) often require sign-up and depositing of fiat or crypto coins into a custodial wallet to use the exchange services.
Exchange Country Trading Pair
BW Australia based exchange. XCH/USDT
BKEx British Virgin Islands based exchange. XCH/USDT
BitMart Cayman Islands based exchange. XCH/USDT ChiaLinks Recommended Cayman Islands based exchange. Not available to US citizens. XCH/USDT
BiBox China based exchange XCH/USDT
DigiFinex China based exchange. XCH/USDT
Lbank China based exchange. XCH/USDT
ZBG Hong Kong based exchange. XCH/USDT
CoinEx ChiaLinks Recommended Hong Kong based exchange. XCH/USDT
ZB Hong Kong based exchange. XCH/USDT
Hoo Hong Kong based exchange. XCH/USDT
Indodax Indonesia based exchange. XCH/IDR
GreenFinex New exchange for green cryptocurrencies such as XCH and STOR. XCH/BTC
XT Seychelles based exchange. XCH/USDT
Hotcoin Global Seychelles based exchange. XCH/USDT
OKX ChiaLinks Recommended Seychelles based exchange. Currently has second highest XCH trading volume. XCH/USDT
KuCoin ChiaLinks Recommended Seychelles based exchange. US friendly and the second largest exchange to list XCH. XCH/USDT
MEXC Singapore based exchange. XCH/USDT
WhaleEx Singapore based exchange. XCH/USDT
Huobi Global ChiaLinks Recommended Singapore based exchange. XCH/USDT
Jubi Singapore based exchange. XCH/USDT
Pionex Singapore based exchange. XCH/USDT
Citex South Korea based exchange. XCH/USDT
Dcoin Switzerland based exchange. XCH/USDT
BitTurk Turkey based exchange. XCH/TRY ChiaLinks Recommended US based exchange. XCH currently cannot be deposited or withdrawn to an external wallet.
Uphold US based trading platform.

Swap Services

Swap services generally do not require sign-up and allow the swap of one crypto for another. These services typically charge higher fees. Use with common sense and caution.
Exchange Description Trading Pair
StealthEx Directly trade another crypto for XCH and vice versa without sign-up or limits. XCH/USDT
Swapzone An aggregation of various swap services. XCH/USDT