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Software and scripts that can help plan, manage, and/or automate the plotting and farming process.

ChiaLinks cannot guarantee or endorse any third party tools. There is a screening process in place for open source projects to ensure no malicious code at the time of inclusion but there is no guarantee that the code has not changed since. There have been tools in the past that have become malicious resulting in lost XCH and compromised private keys. Use at your own risk.


Chia calculator and plot planner
A simple and easy-to-use calculator to determine profitability and help plan mix of plot sizes.
Chia Gigahorse Plotter
madMAx GPU and CPU plotters that can create compressed plots. Also includes a plot sink tool to distribute plots to destination drives.
Chia Log Analysis
Chia Log Analysis parses your existing Chia plotter log files and builds a .csv file containing all the important details.
Chia Logs Analyser
Upload plotting logs for analysis and statistics collection.
Chia Plot Graph
A tool to graph Chia Plotting activity in a linux terminal. Use a 24-bit colour terminal, like xterm or gnome-terminal.
Chia Plot Manager
Python program to monitor your plotting and check/move plots when complete and smartly queue up next plot. Has coin monitor as well to track when you get XCH.
Chia Plot Plan
Calculator to determine ideal split of plot sizes in order to maximize drive space used.
Chia Plot Planner
A tool to determine the optimal combination of plot k-sizes to avoid wasting disk space.
Chia Plot Status
Tool to Monitor and Analyse Chia Plotting log files, show health and progress of running plots and estimated time to completion on Windows, Linux and Mac.
Chia Plotting Calculator
This plotting calculator will give you the ideal plotting settings based on your system specifications.
Excel Chia plot log importer
Microsoft Excel VBA macro that parses your plotting logs to extract important information into a spreadsheet.
GPU and CPU Plotters Comparison
A summary of the available GPU and CPU plotters and the hardware requirements for each.
Harry Plotter
Harry Plotter is an easy to use magical Chia plot manager for muggles! It works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
Hot Plotter
Hot Plotter allows you to remotely start chia plots utilizing MadMax, or the official Chia plotting tool. Supports Windows or Linux.
Building upon the official Chia docker image, Machinaris combines the Plotman CLI with a simple WebUI.
MadMax Chia Plotter ChiaLinks Recommended
A multi-threaded implementation of the chia plotter designed to maximize temporary storage bandwidth. (madMAx43v3r)
MadMax's Chia Plotter Manager
Lightweight manager for madMAx43v3r/chia-plotter
Plot Director
Plot manager with madmax support, automatic plot replace, HDD groups, multiple jobs, and web plotting dashboard.
Plot Everywhere Tool
Batch file plot launcher for Chia CLI Windows 10.
Plot Watcher
A simple script that can watch a list of directories and does some action when a specific kind of change happens. Can be used to replace old plots with portable plots one at a time.
Tool for managing Chia plotting operations.
plotng - Plotting utility for Chia
Plotting manager similar to Plotman but not Python based
A simple Chia plotting manager for Windows PowerShell
Windows PowerShell plot manager with a GUI with a lot of features.
Robbie's Chia Plot Calculator
This calculator figures out reasonable settings for plots based on your system specifications.
Swar's Chia Plot Manager
Cross platform (Python) plotting manager to help keep plots generating.
The Plow
A tool to watch for new Chia plots and move to destination drives in parallel (local or network).
walletnx's Chia Tools
Several tools for automating the plotting process.


3D printed HDD rack
3d printed Chia themed HDD rack with fan holder for farmers.
3D printed stackable HDD rack
3d printed HDD rack that is modular and stackable.
Chia Calculator ChiaLinks Recommended
Estimate how much XCH you can earn from farming based on projected network growth and coin price.
Chia Dashboard
An app that can monitor your Chia services and report it to a web service so you can monitor your farming remotely with a slick dashboard.
Chia Exporter
RPC/Websocket based metrics exporter for Chia
Chia Harvest Graph
Put your mind at ease to see if your harvesters are harvesting right. Monitor the down-time due to spotty internet, un-synchronized node, slow farmer/harvester process, etc.
Chia Log Analyzer
Real-time Chia log analyzer to monitor farming and harvesting statistics.
Chia Node List
A list of peer IPs of active nodes on the Chia network to add manually if you are having sync issues.
Chia public nodes list
Chia public node that shares available 8444 peers every hour.
Chia Stock to Flow Model
Stock to flow model predicting XCH price based on Chia's emission schedule.
Chia Sync Network
List of official introducer and nodes, as well as public nodes to aid in resolving syncing issues.
Chia Telegram Bot
Windows Powershell script to monitor log files and trigger a Telegram notification.
Chia Wallet Monitor
Python program to get notifications when you get XCH.
A comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for the status of your Chia farmer and harvesters.
ChiaAlert Telegram Bot
Self-hosted telegram bot to watch your Chia farm stats.
Chiabot Discord Bot
A Discord bot that monitors your chia farm summary and sends notifications when blocks are found and new plots are completed.
Python program to automate monitoring of your farmers/harversters to notify you of potential malfunctions and successes. Amazon price tracker
Tracker for hard drives prices available on Amazon (international locales supported).
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Calculator for Chia
DCA strategy investment calculator to see what historical returns are possible when dollar cost averaging your investment in Chia (XCH) cryptocurrency.
Prometheus Chia Exporter
Display full node statistics in a Grafana dashboard to monitor your farm.
ShuckStop - WD external drive price tracker
Tracker for Western Digital external hard drives prices across US retailers.
XCHScan Chia Farming Calculator
XCHscan provides a simple tool to help you figure out if you'll be profitable farming Chia.


Chia Bar
Show your XCH balance in the MacOS menu bar.
Chia Dev Tracker ChiaLinks Recommended
Dashboard monitoring open source development in the Chia ecosystem.
Chia Netspace
Graph and historic data of netspace size over time.
Chia Node Map
Partial map of Chia full nodes based on IP geolocation.
Chia Status
Chia's blockchain status at a glance.
Chia Timeline
ChiaTimeline is a record of key events and dates for Chia in one place.
Chia to Mojo Calculator
A simple calculator for converting XCH to mojos (the smallest divisible unit of XCH). Block Explorer
Chia cryptocurrency blockchain explorer and statistics.
Chia explorer by Hefei Jingchuang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
getxchtx - export XCH transactions to CSV
Generate a list of transactions for Chia (XCH) into a CSV file.
Space Explorer
Chia blockchain explorer by Space Pool.
Space Scan ChiaLinks Recommended
Chia blockchain explorer and analytics platform with support for CATs.
SpaceScan Tax Statements
Calculate your Chia taxes with ease.
XCH Balance
An online tool for examining balances from multiple chia wallets and addresses. Using public key derivation, your private keys are never exposed.
XCHscan ChiaLinks Recommended
XCHscan is a block explorer and analytics platform for the Chia Network.


Beacon coin
Beacon coin is a Chia singleton coin that can store data on-chain.
Chia Crypto Utils
Utilities to support a working example of Chia Wallet fundamentals
Chia DataPlayer
Work with Chia DataLayer in a human way and encrypt any data you want with COSE (CBOR Object Signing and Encryption).
Chia DID Signing Tools
chia-signing-tools provides a node SDK for signing and verifying messages and chia-signing-cli gives end users a CLI for the same.
Chia Full Node Simulator
A Docker container to simulate a Chia network for developers to write tests against their code with full control over the blockchain, and not having to use Testnet.
Chia Reference iOS Wallet
Reference iOS Chia wallet implementation that is the basis for the Copycat x Lmtlss app.
A REPL tool for Chia and clvm_tools
Chia XCH Wallet Dealer
Fractionate and send XCH of a chia wallet to multiple wallets destinations using partitions rules.
Chia RPC/WebSocket client library for NodeJS.
A cross-platform dotnet5 client library for chia RPC.
REST API wrapper for Chia-RPC for developers to use in building their Chia applications.
A Chia specific WalletConnect client derived from the original Chia Wallet Connect DApp Test with all of the bloat cut out and added chia functionality.
A protocol for trustless swapping of XCH and BTC using Bitcoin Lightning Network payments.
An ecosystem of tools and apps for Chia, including a wallet, calculator, plotter, marketplace, game, token, etc.
Chirp - messaging app on Chia
An example messaging app running on Chia blockchain.
Clovyr Code Chia developer environment ChiaLinks Recommended
Clovyr Code is a full-featured VSCode browser IDE with a preconfigured Chialisp environment, a real terminal and command-line tools, running on a private VPS accessible only to you. No registration required.
CLVM Tools (Javascript)
Javascript implementation of clvm_tools (clvm = Chia Lisp VM)
Coinman allows you to develop dApps on Chia blockchain without Chialisp knowledge by abstracting coins as APIs that can be directly integrated into your existing apps or UIs.
Cypher ChiaLisp Library
A ChiaLisp library to develop smart coins on the Chia Blockchain by Hashgreen Labs.
FireAcademy - Chia Nodes as a Service
Centralized service to provide on-demand access to Leaflet full nodes.
Green Wallet, Green Swap, NFT marketplace, cross-chain protocol and other products that are combined with one GAD token.
GreenWeb.js JavaScript API
Chia JavaScript API meant to be a web3.js equivalent for Chia.
Proxy for browser connections to a full node, necessary since browsers don't support custom certificates to authenticate with a websocket on Chia's full node port 8444.
Mixch Chia Developer Toolkit
A web-based collection of cryptography tools and chialisp coin tools used in Chia blockchain.
Chialisp money privacy tool using aggregated BLS signatures for security and Python3 for automation.
Rhizosphere - ChiaLisp IDE
Python-based GUI for developing and testing ChiaLisp applications.
Seedener HSM
Raspberry Pi HSM (Hardware Security Module) for Chia blockchain custody solution to generate keys and air-gapped sign spend bundles.
SERPENT Chia offline transaction sign and send
Tool that can send funds out of a wallet through the full node RPC, by using a mnemonic


Chia CAT Explorer
An explorer for Chia Asset Tokens.


Chia Airdrops
Discover CAT and NFT project giveaways/airdrops.
Chia NFT Minting Helper
A bash script to help make the process of minting a series of NFTs on the Chia Blockchain easier.
Automating minting and creating .offer files
exif2metadata proof of concept
exif2metadata-proofofconcept will extract EXIF information from a photograph and build a metadata file for an NFT.
MintGarden Studio
Create NFTs on the Chia blockchain using a simple GUI.
Utilities for minting collections of NFTs on Chia Blockchain
Offerpool Polls
Create a poll where only owners of an NFT in a collection can vote, or where each DID can only vote once. Votes are published on nostr, and you can use Wallet Connect or the Chia CLI to vote.
roybot NFT Minter
Chia NFT minting script using RPC and data from a CSV file
Scrutinous' Guide to Minting NFTs on Chia
A step by step guide on how to mint NFTs on the Chia Blockchain. A more in-depth supplement to the official minting guide.
XCHCentral Mint-An-NFT
Mint-an-NFT is a free tool provided by @XCHcentral to the Chia community to help mint NFTs.
xd nft wizard
xd nft wizard is a interactive Bash script to help with Chia NFTs for creators and collectors alike