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Games that leverage Chia assets and/or run on the Chia blockchain.

Abandoned Land
Abandoned land is an experimental collectible card game on the Chia blockchain that combines NFTs with Chia Asset Tokens. Think of it as a mix between an idle game and a resource trading game. The owner of the cards will be paid out daily the amount listed on the card. Different tokens will be used to trade for more assets, card, or to upgrade your current card.
Discord game NFTs on Chia
ChiaTCG ChiaLinks Recommended
The Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG) is an open-source, proof-of-concept Web3 game. Play with any Chia NFT!
Explore the Forest and complete quests with their dynamic task system. Gain $FAME and spend it in the shop to buy items and NFTs on Chia.
Farmers of Chialisp
A Discord game where Farmers cultivate $BLOCK to grow their community and face threat from Mugglers, who steal $BLOCK. Farmers offer tributes to Mugglers for safety. Leaving their farm or betrayal among Farmers gives Mugglers a chance to strike.
An innovative decentralized farming adventure on the Chia Network, where your prosperity grows as you cultivate your virtual land. is an online browser game in which you compete with other players for the opportunity to collect the $MIO cryptocurrency.
Proof of Treasure
Proof of Treasure is a location finder game, where you can win real crypto treasure (Proof Of Treasure Coin / POTT) by guessing the location of the game image.