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Farming / Mining

Farming is the process of checking your plots every ~8 seconds to attempt to find a proof in order to be rewarded Chia (XCH) coins. Sometimes this process is referred to as Chia Mining.

ChiaLinks cannot guarantee or endorse any third party tools. There is a screening process in place for open source projects to ensure no malicious code at the time of inclusion but there is no guarantee that the code has not changed since. There have been tools in the past that have become malicious resulting in lost XCH and compromised private keys. Use at your own risk.


Chia Cryptocurrency Farming Guide
A guide to understanding farming requirements and selecting hardware (cases, drives, etc.) based on budget and quantity of disks. (Chia Decentral)
Chia Hard Drive Buying Guide
Guide to understanding and selecting the best hard drives for storing plots and farming on. (Chia Decentral)
How to move the Chia database to a new disk
Short guide on how to move your blockchain database files to another drive if your main disk is running out of space.
Start Chia
Starting guide and resources for farming Chia.


3D printed HDD rack
3d printed Chia themed HDD rack with fan holder for farmers.
3D printed stackable HDD rack
3d printed HDD rack that is modular and stackable.
Chia Calculator ChiaLinks Recommended
Estimate how much XCH you can earn from farming based on projected network growth and coin price.
Chia Dashboard
An app that can monitor your Chia services and report it to a web service so you can monitor your farming remotely with a slick dashboard.
Chia Harvest Graph
Put your mind at ease to see if your harvesters are harvesting right. Monitor the down-time due to spotty internet, un-synchronized node, slow farmer/harvester process, etc.
Chia Log Analyzer
Real-time Chia log analyzer to monitor farming and harvesting statistics.
Chia Node List
A list of peer IPs of active nodes on the Chia network to add manually if you are having sync issues.
Chia public nodes list
Chia public node that shares available 8444 peers every hour.
Chia Report
A no-install tool that reports your farming summary to an API endpoint to get notifications on Slack.
Chia Stock to Flow Model
Stock to flow model predicting XCH price based on Chia's emission schedule.
Chia Sync Network
List of official introducer and nodes, as well as public nodes to aid in resolving syncing issues.
Chia Telegram Bot
Windows Powershell script to monitor log files and trigger a Telegram notification.
Chia Wallet Monitor
Python program to get notifications when you get XCH.
A comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for the status of your Chia farmer and harvesters.
ChiaAlert Telegram Bot
Self-hosted telegram bot to watch your Chia farm stats.
Chiabot Discord Bot
A Discord bot that monitors your chia farm summary and sends notifications when blocks are found and new plots are completed.
Python program to automate monitoring of your farmers/harversters to notify you of potential malfunctions and successes. Amazon price tracker
Tracker for hard drives prices available on Amazon (international locales supported).
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Calculator for Chia
DCA strategy investment calculator to see what historical returns are possible when dollar cost averaging your investment in Chia (XCH) cryptocurrency.
A web dashboard that allows you to monitor your Chia farm and sends notifications when blocks are found and new plots are completed through a discord bot. It can link multiple farmers/harvesters to your account.
Prometheus Chia Exporter
Display full node statistics in a Grafana dashboard to monitor your farm.
ShuckStop - WD external drive price tracker
Tracker for Western Digital external hard drives prices across US retailers.
XCHScan Chia Farming Calculator
XCHscan provides a simple tool to help you figure out if you'll be profitable farming Chia.


Chia farming - Am I unlucky or is my farmer broken
An introduction to how the probability of winning blocks in Chia works. Figure out if you are unlucky or you are having real network problems with your farmer or harvester. (Chia Decentral)
Chia farming on multiple systems - introduction to harvesters
Walkthrough of setting up a farmer and remote harvester to avoid multiple systems on the same network from conflicting with each other. (Chia Decentral)
How to farm Chia on multiple computers using Chia harvester
A walkthrough of how to set up harvesters in Windows to farm from multiple machines without a full node. (NotAnotherTech)