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Videos and recordings of live streams discussing various aspects of Chia.


How to plot Chia plots on multiple machines without running a full node
A walkthrough of how to concurrently plot on multiple computers within the same network without running multiple full nodes. (NotAnotherTech)
How to queue parallel plotting Chia in the GUI
A short video going over how to queue parallel plotting in the Windows GUI for Chia. (NotAnotherTech)
Is plotting and farming still profitable?
storage_jm walksthrough using ChiaCalculator to estimate the expected returns of chia plotting and farming regularly. (Chia Decentral)
Meet the plotting experts
Chia president, Gene Hoffman, chats with experts in plotting to discuss their plotting setup as well as answering commonly asked questions from Keybase. (Chia Network)


Chia farming - Am I unlucky or is my farmer broken
An introduction to how the probability of winning blocks in Chia works. Figure out if you are unlucky or you are having real network problems with your farmer or harvester. (Chia Decentral)
Chia farming on multiple systems - introduction to harvesters
Walkthrough of setting up a farmer and remote harvester to avoid multiple systems on the same network from conflicting with each other. (Chia Decentral)
How to farm Chia on multiple computers using Chia harvester
A walkthrough of how to set up harvesters in Windows to farm from multiple machines without a full node. (NotAnotherTech)


Chia plotting and farming step-by-step setup
Step-by-step walkthrough of setting up the Chia software on Ubuntu (Coin Breakthrough)
Complete build for Chia Farming
Video tutorial of an example consumer build for plotting and farming up to 360TB. (Coin Breakthrough)
How To Farm Chia - Hard Drive Mining Guide
An end-to-end walkthrough of how to install Chia, create a plot, and start farming to earn XCH. (IMineBlocks)
How to install Chia and Ubuntu Linux for Chia farming
How to install Ubuntu Desktop and the Chia Blockchain software. Also includes USB drive installation instructions using Windows 10.


AMA with Bram Cohen
Kyle and JM from Chia Decentral are joined by Bram Cohen to answer questions from the community. They discuss the consumer storage market, hardware considerations, and price predictions. (Chia Decentral)
Bram Cohen AMA Zoom with Chia China Group
Bram goes in depth about the choice of Lisp and the advantages of ChiaLisp. He also touches on the prefarm, the pooling protocol, and why he decided to name it Chia.
The Chia Business Whitepaper Zoom - February 11, 2021
Bram, Gene, and Mitch take questions and elaborate upon the Business White Paper and how the Chia Network plans to utilize the pre-farm. (Chia Network)
The Chia Business Whitepaper Zoom - February 12, 2021
Bram, Gene, Mitch, and Chuck take questions and elaborate upon the Business White Paper and how the Chia Network plans to utilize the pre-farm. (Chia Network)


Farming and Electricity Usage in Chia
Learn about the most efficient way to farm large quantities of plotted storage and talk about the impact Chia might have in terms of total electrical capacity used to support all Chia farms. (Chia Network)


Chia Coloured Coins - A non-technical user guide
Matt Howard explains Chia coloured coins in a non-technical way.
Chia Coloured Coins - Technical guide (Part 2)
Matt Howard explains the coloured coins contract & offers.
ChiaLisp & decentralized identity
Matt Howard explains the purpose and implementation of decentralized identity with ChiaLisp at the Champaign Blockchain Meetup.
Intro to developing in Chialisp
YouTube introduction and walkthrough of getting started with Chialisp. (Chia Network)
Multiple Issuance Chia Asset Token (CAT)
Matt Hauff walks through the multiple issuance of a Chia Asset Token (CAT). (Chia Network)
Official Chialisp tutorial series ChiaLinks Recommended
A series of Chialisp tutorials and videos from the Chia Network.
Single Issuance Chia Asset Token (CAT)
Matt Hauff walks through the one-time issuance of a Chia Asset Token (CAT). (Chia Network)