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Faucets are a great way to get started with XCH. Receive a small amount for free and try sending it to some friends! You'll have to download the Chia blockchain software and create a new wallet to get a receive address.

CATs Founder Faucet
Claim 100,000 mojos up to 3 times daily.
A chia faucet for XCH and TXCH (Testnet). Registration required.
Claim 100,000 mojo per 24 hours. Faucet
Claim a small amount of XCH every hour. Discord Faucet
A bot in's Discord server that can be used once every 24 hours.
MojoWhale Chia Faucet
Get 1 million mojos (0.000001 XCH) instantly. One claim per 24 hours.
Official Chia Faucet ChiaLinks Recommended
The official faucet from the Chia team. Get some mojo and practice creating and interacting with smart contracts.