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Latest updates

May 15, 2024

A community driven initiative to support Chia projects.
Chia Passkey Wallet Demo
A demo application to showcase how passkeys can be used as a Chia wallet.
snapcat is a Python command-line tool that helps monitor CATs (Chia Asset Tokens) on Chia Blockchain.

March 19, 2024

Splash! UI
An experimental UI for Splash!
Splash! is a decentralized network for sharing Offers across the Chia ecosystem

January 20, 2024

Unimojo - Xchscriptions Protocol
Unimojo is the first inscription and transaction platform on the XCHS protocol.
A set of linux tools to help build and manage your chia farm
Thunder Squid
Cost effective hard drive pre-plotted farming hardware.
CHELLYZ branded clothing and mugs.
Sells Chia branded Tangem hardware crypto wallets, NFT badges and more.
A collection of tools for Chia users such as transaction fee estimator.

December 31, 2023

Chia Academy ChiaLinks Recommended
The official scholarly hub for delving deep into Chia blockchain technology. ChiaLinks Recommended
A community contributed site highlighting Chia blockchain news and information

December 14, 2023

Setting The Stage for 2024: The Chia Model with Gene Hoffman
Corey Costa interviews Gene Hoffman surrounding an assortment of topics regarding Chia and how Chia will set the stage in 2024! (Corey Costa)

December 09, 2023

Pyramid Coin
Chialisp puzzle to deliever a geometric shotgun blast of coins.
A utility service that will synchronize the list of Chia data layer singletons from to the local chia node.

November 22, 2023

A Lite farmer for the Chia Blockchain currently supporting Bladebit CPU Compression
A robust and lightweight framework for implementing bulk minting and transaction services on the chia blockchain. is a non-custodial payment gateway and invoicing solution. It offers peer-to-peer payments in XCH, without any trusted third parties.
Datalayer Storage
DataLayer is the go-to tool for sharing your data while ensuring that you control which data you share, and with whom! (Michael Taylor)
Circuit DAO ChiaLinks Recommended
Circuit is an onchain collateralized stablecoin protocol built on the Chia blockchain

October 22, 2023

Chia key balance
A convenient way to check your wallet balance for CATs and XCH.
Bash script that finds holders for a collection and adds it to a CSV file.
Tangem Wallet ChiaLinks Recommended
Hardware wallet with multicurrency support including XCH.

October 03, 2023

Chia Network - The 'Most Decentralized Blockchain' on the planet?
Gene Hoffman, CEO of Chia Network, discussed the company's vision for a more sustainable, secure blockchain, and its partnerships. (Unchained Podcast)

October 02, 2023

Digital Spaceport Interview with Chia CEO Gene Hoffman
Chia CEO Gene Hoffman Talks IPO Delay, Layoffs, Prefarm Sale, and What's Next for Chia Network (Digital Spaceport)

September 18, 2023

Chia Updates With Gene Hoffman: What’s Going On With Chia
Corey Costa interviews Gene Hoffman to discuss numerous updates surrounding the Chia protocol, new onboards to the Chia Board of Directors and more. (Corey Costa)

August 26, 2023 is an online browser game in which you compete with other players for the opportunity to collect the $MIO cryptocurrency.
Chia balance checker
Enter your master public key or an address to see your XCH and CAT balances without having to enter any assetIDs.
Explore the Forest and complete quests with their dynamic task system. Gain $FAME and spend it in the shop to buy items and NFTs on Chia.

August 25, 2023

Farmers of Chialisp
A Discord game where Farmers cultivate $BLOCK to grow their community and face threat from Mugglers, who steal $BLOCK. Farmers offer tributes to Mugglers for safety. Leaving their farm or betrayal among Farmers gives Mugglers a chance to strike.
Discord game NFTs on Chia
An innovative decentralized farming adventure on the Chia Network, where your prosperity grows as you cultivate your virtual land.
Abandoned Land
Abandoned land is an experimental collectible card game on the Chia blockchain that combines NFTs with Chia Asset Tokens. Think of it as a mix between an idle game and a resource trading game. The owner of the cards will be paid out daily the amount listed on the card. Different tokens will be used to trade for more assets, card, or to upgrade your current card.
T-shirts and other swag from @steppsr
Real time feed and visualization of all events happening on the Chia blockchain.
Python-chianode wrapper
Python-chianode is a Python wrapper for Chia blockchain full node APIs. The package supports the official RPC API for Chia nodes running on localhost, as well as the Mojonode API. Calls are made asynchronously, and it is possible to receive streaming responses.

August 14, 2023

XCH.LOL - Chia memes
Collection of Chia related memes.