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Latest updates

March 14, 2023

Seedener HSM
Raspberry Pi HSM (Hardware Security Module) for Chia blockchain custody solution to generate keys and air-gapped sign spend bundles.
Chia XCH Wallet Dealer
Fractionate and send XCH of a chia wallet to multiple wallets destinations using partitions rules.
Coming soon. TibetSwap v1 is a decentralized AMM modeled after Uniswap v1 that will run on the Chia blockchain.
Automatically track and classify your XCH transactions classification with easy, one-click, approvals. Export a pre-filled 1040 schedule 1 to make filing your taxes infinitely easier.

March 09, 2023

Offerpool Polls
Create a poll where only owners of an NFT in a collection can vote, or where each DID can only vote once. Votes are published on nostr, and you can use Wallet Connect or the Chia CLI to vote.
XCH Balance
An online tool for examining balances from multiple chia wallets and addresses. Using public key derivation, your private keys are never exposed.
Air-gapped (offline) wallet guide with Pawket
Step-by-step guide on how to create an air-gapped (offline) wallet using the Pawket mobile wallet.
Chia DataPlayer
Work with Chia DataLayer in a human way and encrypt any data you want with COSE (CBOR Object Signing and Encryption).
Cypher ChiaLisp Library
A ChiaLisp library to develop smart coins on the Chia Blockchain by Hashgreen Labs.

March 06, 2023

Frodo Wallet
Frodo Wallet is an open-source, secure wallet with a focus on amazing usability, high security and an extensive feature set. You can easily mint DID-backed NFTs and create your own tokens. It offers 24-word default security, the highest, rare in mobile wallets.

March 01, 2023

Chia Metaverse Space Hub
CHIA Space Hub is a landing spot for a lot of different community built destinations in the metaverse. Homes, Galleries, Churches, Shrines, Trailer parks... all found in Spatial.
Introducing Chia Data Layer as a Service
A description of Data Layer as a Service (DLaaS), where anyone with a full-time node can rent out their data layer to application developers in a decentralized manner.
SpaceScan Tax Statements
Calculate your Chia taxes with ease.
Digital Spaceport AMA Zoom with Chia in China
Jerod from Digital Spaceport came to the site of HemaDAO Chia in China AMA. We discussed many interesting issues together, including Plot 2.0, GPU Plotting, CHIP, NFTs, wallets and the future development vision of Digital Spaceport.
Chia RPC/WebSocket client library for NodeJS.
Smart Coin First Steps in Chialisp ChiaLinks Recommended
Let’s take our first steps into using Chialisp in a smart coin. In this video we’ll talk about Currying, Hashing, and Conditions, and submit and use our first Chia Smart Coin. (Chia Network)
Chia Help ChiaLinks Recommended
Official help and FAQ maintained by the Chia Network team.
MEGA Chia GPU Farming and Plotting Guide for Linux - Gigahorse Start to Finish - 2023
This guide is for setting up from start to finish a Chia Farm Gigahorse for Linux. (Digital Spaceport)
Singapore based exchange.

February 16, 2023

Mixch Chia Developer Toolkit
A web-based collection of cryptography tools and chialisp coin tools used in Chia blockchain.
A Chia specific WalletConnect client derived from the original Chia Wallet Connect DApp Test with all of the bloat cut out and added chia functionality.
Chia Gaming
Bram Cohen's work on on-chain gaming with examples of Rock,Paper,Scissors and Poker.
Pay to DiD Puzzle
Chialisp puzzle that DID can use to receive payments and survive the recovery. It can be used for normal XCH transaction as well as innerpuzzle for NFTs and CATs.
Chia Reference iOS Wallet
Reference iOS Chia wallet implementation that is the basis for the Copycat x Lmtlss app.
Tsunami Protocol
Currently in beta testing. A DEX from the developers of the browser based Goby wallet that supports filling partial offers.

February 10, 2023

How To Farm Chia w/ Madmax Gigahorse and Chia GPU Plotter in Windows - Chia Farming Guides 2023
In this How To guide for the MadMax Gigahorse plotter and farmer I take you step by step to get you setup and GPU, CPU plotting and farming compressed plots. (Digital Spaceport)
Does Chia Kill Drives?
Answering the question of whether Chia plotting kills drives
Chia Gigahorse Plotter
madMAx GPU and CPU plotters that can create compressed plots. Also includes a plot sink tool to distribute plots to destination drives.
GPU and CPU Plotters Comparison
A summary of the available GPU and CPU plotters and the hardware requirements for each.

February 09, 2023

Using Chia Data Layer as the backend for your application
A dive into various solutions for incorporating Chia Data Layer into the backend of your application, taking an architectural approach.
Using Chia Data Layer as the backend for your application
A dive into various solutions for incorporating Chia Data Layer into the backend of your application, taking an architectural approach.
The Plow
A tool to watch for new Chia plots and move to destination drives in parallel (local or network).

February 07, 2023

Intro to Chialisp ChiaLinks Recommended
In this video, we’ll go over the basics of Chialisp including syntax & structure, inequalities and if statements, and setting up a development environment. (Chia Network)

February 04, 2023

Chia DID Signing Tools
chia-signing-tools provides a node SDK for signing and verifying messages and chia-signing-cli gives end users a CLI for the same.

January 25, 2023

nostr-dex (experimental)
An experimental trustless dex using the nostr protocol
XCHDEV - This Week In Chia
Summary of all the happenings in the Chia ecosystem, updated weekly.
Evergreen Miner ChiaLinks Recommended
Plug and Play Farming Hardware with integrated Chia wallet, collectibles, exchange, and more.
Evergreen Mobile Wallet
Evergreen Mobile allows you to manage your Evergreen Miner, custody coins, and keep track of your operations and earnings.
Chia Exporter
RPC/Websocket based metrics exporter for Chia

January 24, 2023

Official Chia Farming Dashboard
A video for folks that are currently farming Chia in Windows and want to switch over to Ubuntu server, for lightweight and low power, headless (no monitor) Chia farming. (Chia Decentral)
Bram Cohen AMA with Chia in China
Bram Cohen joins the China in China community for an AMA answering questions about custody, data layer, the future plan for Chia and more.
Yahoo! Finance Live interview with Gene Hoffman
Chia Network CEO and President Gene Hoffman joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the failures of FTX, why investors should invest in the Chia blockchain, and the outlook for the crypto space.

January 20, 2023

Wallet Connect video tutorial
A guide to run a simple dapp connecting to the Chia reference wallet via Wallet Connect.

January 13, 2023

Upcoming AMM to decentralized staking and liquidity pools to power enable swaps.

January 01, 2023

Constructions in ChiaLisp - Bram Cohen
The Chia on-chain programming environment brings the full power of defi to the UTXO model. We'll cover what the basic constructions in Chialisp are, what has been built to date, and what's upcoming.

December 20, 2022

Green Wallet
Green Wallet is an open source non-custodial wallet from the Green App Development.