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Chia Development Timeline and Roadmap

A timeline of notable current (and future) developments on the Chia Network. For additional milestones and media mentions, see Chia in the News

This roadmap is compiled by and is not officially endorsed by the Chia Network.

  • Chia Mainnet Launch Mar 2021
    Chia's mainnet goes live with initial netspace of just over 100 PiB. (Source)
  • Netspace crosses 1 EiB Apr 2021
  • Transactions Launch May 2021
    Transactions enabled on mainnet. (Source)
  • First Exchange Listing May 2021
  • Netspace crosses 10 EiB May 2021
  • Netspace crosses 30 EiB Jul 2021
  • Official Pooling Protocol Jul 2021
    New plot format released with decentralized implementation to provide small farmers more consistent rewards. (Source)
  • Cultivation Grant Program Aug 2021
    The Chia Cultivation Program launched to invest in independent developers to the Chia ecosystem. (Source)
  • Open Compute Project Aug 2021
    Chia joins the OCP to contribute to sustainabiltiy in storage. (Source)
  • Global Chia Hackathon Sep 2021
    The first Chia Hackathon finished with 360+ registrations across 50 countries. (Source)
  • Supranational Partnership Oct 2021
    Chia partners with Supranational to create ASICs used for Proof of Time. (Source)
  • Crypto Open Patent Alliance Oct 2021
    Chia's issued patents will be pooled with other crypto industry leaders under an open license. (Source)
  • Circular Drive Initiative Nov 2021
    Chia joins major storage vendors, including Seagate Technology, to facilitate second-use business cases for hard drives. (Source)
  • World Bank Partnership Nov 2021
    The World Bank selected Chia to develop the Climate Warehouse which will facilitate the sharing and reporting of climate project information and asset issuance. (Source)
  • Costa Rica Partnership Nov 2021
    Costa Rican government will partner with Chia to develop an open-source software platform for managing climate inventory for other countries to freely use. (Source)
  • CAT1 Standard Nov 2021
    The first Chia Asset Token (CAT) standard is released along with the first two CATs SpaceBucks and Marmotcoin. (Source)
  • Light Wallet Launched Nov 2021
    Electrum-style wallet with CAT support launched to allow transactions without requiring a full node sync. (Source)
  • 2021 Holiday Token Airdrop Jan 2022
    2021 Holiday CAT (CH21) is airdropped to all farmers that won a block between mainnet launch and December 25, 2021. (Source)
  • Chia Offers Launched Jan 2022
    Chia Offers launched enabling native peer-to-peer swaps of XCH and CATs without an intemediary or counterparty risk. (Source)
  • Hashgreen DEX Jan 2022
    The first decentralized exchange (DEX) is launched supporting Chia Offers. (Source)
  • Stably USDS Stablecoin Jan 2022
    The first stablecoin following the CAT1 standard is launched on the Chia blockchain. (Source)
  • Buy XCH Button on Jan 2022
    Non-exchange on-ramp to buy XCH using USDS and Chia Offers is added to the Chia website. (Source)

Future Roadmap

  • Project Asteroids H1 2022
    Related project to the World Bank Climate Warehouse, codename "Asteroids"
  • Enterprise CAT issuance tool H1 2022
  • Automated Market Maker H1 2022
  • NFT Standard H1 2022
  • ASIC Timelords H2 2022
  • 1-click farming H2 2022