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Chia Development Timeline and Roadmap

A timeline of notable milestones and developments on the Chia Network. For additional milestones and media mentions, see Chia in the News.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Future
    Chia Network Inc. is actively working towards becoming a publicly traded company and has already filed a draft registration with the SEC. (Source)
  • Official Chia Network Roadmap Future
    See the official Chia Network roadmap a commprehensive view of future items and target dates.
  • Verra onboards to CAD Trust Dec 2023
    Verra, the world's largest carbon credit registry and verifier has onboarded their projects to the global CAD Trust database, each batch of updates is made to Chia's DataLayer and settled on L1. (Source)
  • Bhutan launches National Carbon Registry Dec 2023
    The country of Bhutan launches their National Carbon Registry based on this open source Core Registry powered by the Chia blockchain. (Source)
  • World Bank announces Core Registry Dec 2023
    World Bank announces the open-source Core Registry, a series of applications built on Chia to serve as an end-to-end solution for carbon credit tracking, trading, and tokenization. (Source)
  • ASIC Timelords come online Oct 2023
    The ASIC Timelords developed with Supranational begin ramp up on mainnet. These low energy ASICs further increase the decentralization and security of the network. (Source)
  • Chia Network engages Market Maker Oct 2023
    CNI moved part of its strategic reserve (200,000 XCH) to be loaned to a market maker to increase market liquidity. (Source)
  • Chia Blockchain 2.1.0 released Oct 2023
    This release features Credential Restricted CATs, upgraded support for offers, WalletConnect, DataLayer features, and more. (Source)
  • Chia Blockchain 2.0.0 released Aug 2023
    A major release that introduces plot compression support and GPU plotting and farming, soft and hard fork protocol updates, and more. (Source)
  • Chia Blockchain 1.8.2 released Jun 2023
    A version update that introduces transaction level claw backs, the Verifiable Credentials (VC) primitive, WalletConnect DApp notifications, and identical spend aggregation. (Source)
  • Public Verifiable Carbon Offset Jun 2023
    Announcement of the first publicly verifiable carbon offset transactions and retirement using Chia and CADTrust, which took place on April 28, 2023. (Source)
  • ChiaTCG Web3 Proof-of-Concept Game May 2023
    The Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG) is an open-source, proof-of-concept Web3 game that serves as a reference product to support adoption among game developers and jumpstart their journey using Chia technology within the CODE framework. (Source)
  • Chia Open Digital Economy (CODE) May 2023
    Chia Network, Inc. announced the launch of its Chia Open Digital Economy ("CODE") framework with initial efforts focused on supporting the video game industry in its path to a more open metaverse. (Source)
  • Chia moves to Discord May 2023
    Chia moves its official communication channel from Keybase to Discord. (Source)
  • SpaceKnow Collaboration Apr 2023
    Chia Network, Inc. and SpaceKnow announced a collaboration to unlock actionable intelligence and data from space for the benefit of sustainability efforts, beginning with the AgroTech industry using Chia DataLayer. (Source)
  • Draft Registration for Proposed IPO Apr 2023
    Chia Network, Inc. announced that it has confidentially submitted a draft registration statement on Form S-1 to the U.S. SEC relating to the proposed initial public offering of its common stock. (Source)
  • Clawback Primitive Mar 2023
    The clawback primitive is released as a command-line tool supporting XCH and TXCH in this first iteration geared for developers. The primitive is designed to guard against sending Chia assets to an incorrect address. (Source)
  • Chia BitTorrent DB Checkpoints Mar 2023
    Chia begins sharing quarterly checkpoints of the growing blockchain database file via BitTorrent. This provides a faster option for new farmers to initially synchronize their full node. (Source)
  • Chia Blockchain 1.7 released Feb 2023
    A major version update with security fixes and introduces Fee Estimator, NFT search and bulk actions, on-chain Offers notifications, and more. (Source)
  • Gene Hoffman assumes CEO role Jan 2023
    In a step towards maintaining momentum towards the stated goal of going public, Bram Cohen transitioned from CEO to Chairman of the Board and CTO while Gene Hoffman transitioned from COO to CEO and President of Chia Network Inc. (Source)
  • Climate Action Data Trust launch Dec 2022
    IETA and founding partners announce the launch of Climate Action Data Trust built on the Chia blockchain utilizing the Chia DataLayer. (Source)
  • Chia Establishes Singapore Entity Nov 2022
    The incorporation and launch of Chia Network subsidiary headquartered in Singapore, Chia Network PTE. LTD was announced. The new office will serve as the primary entity for the company's operations in Asia. (Source)
  • Data Vault Partnership Nov 2022
    Through the newly announced partnership, the Datavault platform now allows users to mint NFTs on the Chia Blockchain. This addresses two primary concerns from artists: resale royalties and sustainability. (Source)
  • CDI Official Formation Nov 2022
    The Circular Drive Initiative announced its official formation, a collaboration between global leaders in digital storage, sustainability, and blockchain seeking to reduce e-waste through secure reuse of storage hardware. (Source)
  • Prefarm moved to custody wallets Oct 2022
    All 21 million XCH in Chia's prefarm have been moved to four custom-built custody wallets. Chia's custody solution uses a combination of custom hardware and state-of-the-art ChiaLisp to create the most secure wallet in the industry. (Source)
  • Chia DataLayer Release Sep 2022
    The Chia DataLayer provides a shared data network with no central authority. Nodes in this network can subscribe to data from other nodes and receive updates whenever the data changes. This technology powers the World Bank Climate Warehouse. (Source)
  • Chia Bug Bounty Sep 2022
    Chia's bug bounty program, managed via Bugcrowd, is opened to the public. (Source)
  • Carbon Opportunity Fund Aug 2022
    World Bank's IFC, Cultivo, Aspiration, and Chia Network launch the Carbon Opportunity Fund to raise private capital for source, tokenize, and sell high quality carbon credits on-chain. (Project Asteroids) (Source)
  • CAT2 Standard Release Jul 2022
    CAT1 standard was EOL, replaced by CAT2 and assets were reissued to fix a security vulnerability uncovered by an audit. (Source)
  • NFT1 Mainnet Standard Jun 2022
    The first standard for the minting of Non-Fungible Tokens on the Chia blockchain. (Source)
  • Joins Blockchain Association May 2022
    Chia joins the industry coalition in regulatory analysis and insight to amplify the continued growth, development, and application of the Chia blockchain and technologies. (Source)
  • NFT0 Beta Standard May 2022
    Chia Network releases their vision for NFTs an initial NFT0 standard for testnet. (Source)
  • Public Data Dashboards Apr 2022
    Chia Network publishes dashboards on blockchain and network metrics. Notably showing ~200,000 active full nodes. (Source)
  • Climate Warehouse Prototype Mar 2022
    The World Bank announces the Climate Warehouse Observer Node to explore a prototype of the Climate Warehouse, built on the Chia Blockchain. (Source)
  • Chia Blockchain 1.3 Released Mar 2022
    Major version update of the full node software to include light wallet, new compressed database format, offers and CAT support, and more. (Source)
  • CHia Improvement Proposals Feb 2022
    CHIP is a standardized template and procedure is established for proposing new ideas to improve the Chia project (akin to EIP/BIP in Ethereum/Bitcoin). (Source)
  • Chialisp Developer Challenge Feb 2022
    An online event where developers competed to create innovative solutions using the Chia blockchain and Chialisp on Clovyr's development tools. (Source)
  • Business Whitepaper v2 Feb 2022
    An updated version of the Chia Business Whitepaper is released, discussing many of the milestones and roadmap since mainnet launch. (Source)
  • Partnership with Clovyr Jan 2022
    A new environment for Clovyr Code released, providing a browser based VSCode instance preconfigured for Chialisp development. (Source)
  • Buy XCH Button on Jan 2022
    Non-exchange on-ramp to buy XCH using USDS and Chia Offers is added to the Chia website. (Source)
  • Stably USDS Stablecoin Jan 2022
    The first stablecoin following the CAT1 standard is launched on the Chia blockchain. (Source)
  • Hashgreen DEX Jan 2022
    The first decentralized exchange (DEX) is launched supporting Chia Offers. (Source)
  • Chia Offers Launched Jan 2022
    Chia Offers launched enabling native peer-to-peer swaps of XCH and CATs without an intemediary or counterparty risk. (Source)
  • 2021 Holiday Token Airdrop Jan 2022
    2021 Holiday CAT (CH21) is airdropped to all farmers that won a block between mainnet launch and December 25, 2021. (Source)
  • Light Wallet Launched Nov 2021
    Electrum-style wallet with CAT support launched to allow transactions without requiring a full node sync. (Source)
  • CAT1 Standard Nov 2021
    The first Chia Asset Token (CAT) standard is released along with the first two CATs SpaceBucks and Marmotcoin. (Source)
  • Costa Rica Partnership Nov 2021
    Costa Rican government will partner with Chia to develop an open-source software platform for managing climate inventory for other countries to freely use. (Source)
  • World Bank Partnership Nov 2021
    The World Bank selected Chia to develop the Climate Warehouse which will facilitate the sharing and reporting of climate project information and asset issuance. (Source)
  • Chia's First Granted Patent Nov 2021
    The first patent assigned to the Chia Network is granted by the US Patents office. (Source)
  • Circular Drive Initiative Nov 2021
    Chia joins major storage vendors, including Seagate Technology, to facilitate second-use business cases for hard drives. (Source)
  • Crypto Open Patent Alliance Oct 2021
    Chia's issued patents will be pooled with other crypto industry leaders under an open license. (Source)
  • Supranational Partnership Oct 2021
    Chia partners with Supranational to create ASICs used for Proof of Time. (Source)
  • Global Chia Hackathon Sep 2021
    The first Chia Hackathon finished with 360+ registrations across 50 countries. (Source)
  • Open Compute Project Aug 2021
    Chia joins the OCP to contribute to sustainabiltiy in storage. (Source)
  • Cultivation Grant Program Aug 2021
    The Chia Cultivation Program launched to invest in independent developers to the Chia ecosystem. (Source)
  • Official Pooling Protocol Jul 2021
    New plot format released with decentralized implementation to provide small farmers more consistent rewards. (Source)
  • Netspace crosses 30 EiB Jul 2021
  • Netspace crosses 10 EiB May 2021
  • First Exchange Listing May 2021
  • Transactions Launch May 2021
    Transactions enabled on mainnet. (Source)
  • Netspace crosses 1 EiB Apr 2021
  • Chia Mainnet Launch Mar 2021
    Chia's mainnet goes live with initial netspace of just over 100 PiB. (Source)