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Chialisp is the (LISP-based) blockchain programming language and development environment to build smart transactions on the Chia network.

Chia - Official Documentation ChiaLinks Recommended
The source of truth for Chia documentation. Start here to learn more about Chia.
Chia Coloured Coins - A non-technical user guide
Matt Howard explains Chia coloured coins in a non-technical way.
Chia Coloured Coins - Technical guide (Part 2)
Matt Howard explains the coloured coins contract & offers.
Chia Developers Forum ChiaLinks Recommended
Official forums hosted by the Chia Network for developers.
A REPL tool for Chia and clvm_tools
ChiaLisp & decentralized identity
Matt Howard explains the purpose and implementation of decentralized identity with ChiaLisp at the Champaign Blockchain Meetup.
Chialisp Developer Tools With Clovyr
Chia and Clovyr give a tour and demo of the Clovyr Chialisp developer tools. (Chia Network)
A protocol based on submarine swaps for trustlessly swapping XCH and BTC using bitcoin lightning network payments.
Clovyr Code Chia developer environment ChiaLinks Recommended
Clovyr Code is a full-featured VSCode browser IDE with a preconfigured Chialisp environment, a real terminal and command-line tools, running on a private VPS accessible only to you. No registration required.
CLVM Tools (Javascript)
Javascript implementation of clvm_tools (clvm = Chia Lisp VM)
Chialisp NFT with perpetual creator royalties
Intro to developing in Chialisp
YouTube introduction and walkthrough of getting started with Chialisp. (Chia Network)
LispNYC - Bram Cohen and Richard Kiss discuss why they chose Lisp
Bram and Richard will discuss the why of using Lisp for smart contracts, the design rational of the various language features of ChiaLisp, and the challenges of language development on a blockchain
Mojo Puzzler - Chialisp Wiki
A wiki with topics and examples for getting started with Chialisp.
Multiple Issuance Chia Asset Token (CAT)
Matt Hauff walks through the multiple issuance of a Chia Asset Token (CAT). (Chia Network)
Official Chialisp tutorial series ChiaLinks Recommended
A series of Chialisp tutorials and videos from the Chia Network.
Rhizosphere - ChiaLisp IDE
Python-based GUI for developing and testing ChiaLisp applications.
Single Issuance Chia Asset Token (CAT)
Matt Hauff walks through the one-time issuance of a Chia Asset Token (CAT). (Chia Network)