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The official Chia Blockchain software includes a light Electrum-style wallet that does not require a full node to be synced to function. This is considered the safest wallet to use and it can also be used to create a cold wallet.

Arbor Wallet
Arbor Wallet is a mobile wallet (iOS and Android) that uses the SPV protocol so it can function without a full node.
Chia Official Light Wallet ChiaLinks Recommended
Now part of the full node software, the official Chia wallet uses an Electrum-style protocol to greatly reduce syncing time. Also the first wallet implementation supporting Chia Asset Tokens (CATs).
Goby ChiaLinks Recommended
Goby is a browser based wallet similar to Metamask. It supports CATs and the backend is open-source.
Nucle is an open-source and decentralized Chia web wallet that does not require syncing a full node. It is also the first SPV type wallet for Chia.
Ozone Wallet
Wallet in Beta, but fully functional for Android and iOS. Part of ChiaTK tools ecosystem for Chia.
Pawket is an open-source secure offline wallet. As a browser-based wallet, optimized UX for both desktop and mobile. Easily customize your transfer by custom CATs and fees.