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The official Chia Blockchain software includes a light Electrum-style wallet that does not require a full node to be synced to function. This is considered the safest wallet to use and it can also be used to create a cold wallet.

Chia Wallets - Feature Comparison
Platforms CAT NFT DID Offers Memos Open Source
Chia Reference Wallet
Chia Reference Wallet Win, Mac, Linux GitHub
Evergreen iOS, Android GitHub (Partial)
Frodo Wallet
Frodo Wallet Web, Android GitHub
Goby Chrome Extension GitHub (Backend)
Green Wallet
Green Wallet Android GitHub
Hoogii Chrome Extension GitHub
Ozone iOS, Android
Pawket Web, iOS, Android GitHub
Chia Reference Light Wallet ChiaLinks Recommended
Now part of the full node software, the official Chia wallet uses an Electrum-style protocol to greatly reduce syncing time. Also the first wallet implementation supporting Chia Asset Tokens (CATs).
Evergreen Mobile Wallet
Evergreen Mobile allows you to manage your Evergreen Miner, custody coins, and keep track of your operations and earnings.
Frodo Wallet
Frodo Wallet is an open-source, secure wallet with a focus on amazing usability, high security and an extensive feature set. You can easily mint DID-backed NFTs and create your own tokens. It offers 24-word default security, the highest, rare in mobile wallets.
Goby ChiaLinks Recommended
Goby is a browser based wallet similar to Metamask. It supports CATs and the backend is open-source.
Green Wallet
Green Wallet is an open source non-custodial wallet from the Green App Development.
Hoogii is a crypto wallet extension for Chia Network from the Hashgreen Labs team.
Namesdao .xch wallet
A fork of the Chia reference wallet that supports .xch name service.
Ozone Wallet
Cross platform wallet designed for transactions with XCH, CATs, and NFTs in a reliable and secure way.
Pawket is an open-source secure wallet that offers a range of exclusive tools, including the ability to issue custom CATs, scan assets, and provide encryption. It is also the first air-gapped wallet in the Chia ecosystem.
Tangem Wallet ChiaLinks Recommended
Hardware wallet with multicurrency support including XCH.