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Places and merchants that take XCH as payment for goods and services.

CHELLYZ branded clothing and mugs.
ChiaTracker ChiaLinks Recommended
Automatically track and classify your XCH transactions classification with easy, one-click, approvals. Export a pre-filled 1040 schedule 1 to make filing your taxes infinitely easier.
Datalayer Storage
DataLayer is the go-to tool for sharing your data while ensuring that you control which data you share, and with whom! (Michael Taylor)
Evergreen Miner ChiaLinks Recommended
Plug and Play Farming Hardware with integrated Chia wallet, collectibles, exchange, and more.
Mint Garden ChiaLinks Recommended
An NFT marketplace to mint and trade NFTs stored on the Chia blockchain.
Thunder Squid
Cost effective hard drive pre-plotted farming hardware. is a non-custodial payment gateway and invoicing solution. It offers peer-to-peer payments in XCH, without any trusted third parties.
Sells Chia branded Tangem hardware crypto wallets, NFT badges and more.