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CHIP Tracker

What is a CHIP?

A CHIP (Chia Improvement Proposals) is a formal design documents proposed by the Chia team and community as features or changes to the Chia ecosystem. More details can be found in the introductory blog post and CHIP-0001 that outlines the CHIP process.

List of Proposals

CHIP Date Title Discussion Links Status
CHIP-0001 2021-11 CHIP Process n/a Living
CHIP-0002 2022-04 dApp Protocol - PR Comments
- Chia Dev Forums
- Community Q&A
Last Call
CHIP-0003 2022-05 Minimum Fee - PR Comments
- Chia Dev Forums
CHIP-0004 2022-06 DID1 Standard - PR Comments Review (Fast Track)
CHIP-0005 2022-06 NFT1 Standard - PR Comments
Review (Fast Track)
CHIP-0006 2022-05 DID External Linking - PR Comments
- Chia Dev Forums
CHIP-0007 2022-06 Off-chain NFT Metadata - PR Comments Review (Fast Track)
CHIP-0008 2022-09 Split Royalties for NFTs - PR Comments Draft
CHIP-???? 2022-06 Auctions - PR Comments
- Twitter Thread
CHIP-???? n/a Offers 2.0 n/a Backlog
CHIP-???? n/a Soft Fork Behavior n/a Backlog
CHIP-???? n/a ZK Snarks n/a Backlog
CHIP-???? n/a On-chain Randomness n/a Backlog
CHIP-???? n/a Concurrent Singleton Spends n/a Backlog

Also check out the CHIPs backlog and #chips channel on Keybase for more details.

CHIP Process Flow Chart

CHIP Flow Chart

Fig.1 - Flow chart of the CHIP process (Source)