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Farming Pools

Farming pools allow a group of farmers to combine their farms in order to earn more consistent rewards. See this official pooling FAQ for more information about how pools work in Chia.

NEVER share your private key (24-word mnemonic) with anyone. Properly implemented pools should not require sharing your private key nor ask you to install any third party software.

Only pools following the official Chia pooling protocol (released July 8, 2021) are listed here.


Pool Comments
Flexpool ChiaLinks Recommended An established pool operator in the Ethereum space.
Space Pool ChiaLinks Recommended The largest Chia farming pool following the official pooling protocol.
TeePool Chinese language pool.
XCH Pool




Pool Comments
After Journal Complete Chia Pools List
Chia Pools Listing A listing of Chia pools.
Mining Pool Stats - Chia ChiaLinks Recommended A comprehensive listing of all official and non-official Chia pools along with their netspace.
The Chia Pool Directory ChiaLinks Recommended A detailed list of pools utilizing the official Chia pooling protocol along with expected earnings and up to date statistics.